Published in Soot Magazine (8/7/2013)

“A magician is the only honest job. They say they will deceive you, and they do.” Sydney illusionist Adam Mada show Mada’s Marvels definitely did his job as part of the Melbourne Magic Festival.

I have had a fascination with magic, when at nine years old, I read a book about a boy who lived in the cupboard under the stairs and found out he was a wizard (I still believe my Hogwarts acceptance letter was lost in the mail). I was fascinated by the idea that someone could do things that suspended reality, and gave you that mixed amazement and frustration feeling of “how did that just happen?!”

Mada did just that. The audience at Mada’s Marvels was made of fellow magicians, families with young, enthusiastic children, and couples looking for something different to do on a night out. The small crowd meant one thing – no one was safe. Almost half the crowd contributed to the show – through sampling drinks or picking cards –which contributed to an intimate and interactive show.

For Mada’s opening trick, he placed three razor blades in his mouth, which he proved were sharp by chopping carrots into the audience. He then balled up a long piece of floss, and put that in his mouth too. Slowly, he pulled the string of floss out of his mouth, with each razor blade magically strung along it.

I wish I owned Mada’s magic kettle that poured different types of drinks on request, from orange juice to scotch. Half of the audience wrote down a drink they wanted on small pieces of paper, then the magic kettle poured out one that was randomly chosen out, including a pina colada.


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