URBAN USHER: The Green Refectory

Published on Urban Usher (April 2013)

I always judge a café by its dessert cabinet. Unlike a book cover, the dessert cabinet can tell you more about the freshness, variety, and quality of food, than anything written on a menu. On walking into the Green Refectory, and being faced with the holy grail of dessert cabinets, I dare you to try to walk out. Impossible.

This café really is a hidden gem on the already overcrowded Sydney Road. Despite having no signage whatsoever, this café is always as choc-a-block full of people as it is delicious treats. Don’t be disheartened, it is always worth the wait.

I would usually recommend a dish or two one must try, but to be honest, every visit brings a new mind-blowing discovery. Order something hot from one of the four chalkboards, like the breakfast stack of Haloumi cheese, bacon, poached egg and homemade tomato relish, for $10. Their pies are also top-notch. Next, close your eyes, spin around and point at one thing (or four), from the cake, slice and muffin selection. I always go for a slice of cake, because cake makes the world a happier place.

A note of warning: I recently discovered you can purchase one of the Green Refectory’s whole homemade cakes from under $35. I’m moving to Brunswick.

Visit: 115 Sydney Road, Brunswick VIC 3056; Call: +61 3 9387 1150; Open: Mon – Sat 7am-8pm, Sun 8am-6pm; Wallet: CASH ONLY $2 – $20.

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