STYLECREEPER: How to wear Tartan

Published on (11/06/13)

In fashion, what goes around definitely comes back around. With the nineties making a roaring come back, it can be tricky to learn from the mistakes of the past, and find the new and fresh in the old and dated.

The latest nineties trend to start popping up in stores is tartan. Before you hyperventilate at the thought of Clueless and Gwen Stefani, I am here to show you how tartan can be worked into your wardrobe. The trick is to strike a balance between twenty-first century girl and Spice Girl.

What is tartan anyway, you ask?

Tartan is a pattern that consists of coloured, criss-cross and horizontal bands which dates back to ancient Scotland. Originally a symbol of royalty and sophistication, the 70′s interpretation saw it slashed and trashed, while the 90′s era saw it became the uniform of the grunge era and mixed with distressed denim, fishnets and exposed midriffs.

So how do we bring it into 2013?

1. The Shirt.


The humble flannel is a staple of every Australian male which make them inexpensive, available everywhere, and easily stolen from their wardrobe. Worn buttoned up with black skinnies or around your waist (very nineties), it is a fail-safe way to incorporate the trend into your everyday outfits. I love this one from Topshop – I think the colour and cut is perfect; it would look great worn over a pair of leather pants and layered under a black coat.

2: The Accessories


The cheapest and safest way to adopt a trend is through accessories.  A tartan scarf is a great investment this winter and can be picked up from Sportsgirl, or hey, Burberry, if you’re feeling a little more flush this season.

3: The Suit

Tartan Suit

Yes, a tartan suit. Who would have thought they would be so cool? Pulling this one off is much trickier and only for the more daring. This Zara blazer/pant combo is the perfect balance of colour and print.  The great thing about this look is the versatility; each piece can be worn separately and dressed up or down.

For me, I am investing in a pair of tartan pants, and maybe a shirt (not to be worn together of course!). Make sure you send me a pic of your tartan adventures!

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