STYLECREEPER: Melbourne’s Little Secret

Published on (21/06/13)

Imagine a place where you can buy handmade jeans that are tailored perfectly to your body, for just $50…

You can stop imagining now because this mystical place actually exists, inside a nondescript store amidst the kooky cafes and op shops of Sydney road. What looks more like an abandoned shop, is in fact the denim nirvana of Melbourne. Its location is whispered between confidants, only those who will keep the secret of Nam and his jeans, to keep the hordes away.

I heard about Dejour through some people I worked with (of course retail workers know the best places to shop in Melbourne!). I was given the address on a piece of paper, told to bring lots of money, and that I would be taken care of once there. I was not disappointed.

On arrival, the store is lined with shelves of all different coloured denim, separated into waist heights and sizes. I immediately go to the high-waisted shelf for a jean that reaches way beyond my belly button. Nam, the man who owns, runs, and makes the jeans for the store, or one of his helpers, will direct you to the change room. Once you’ve squeezed your little legs into the soft denim, the magic begins.

Every customer is offered on-the-spot alterations. For free. Like your jeans to be ankle-grazers? Done. Like them spray-paint skinny? Done. Do you have an odd shape, a big booty and skinny legs? Nam will nip, tuck, and overlock everything exactly how you want it.

Although Nam says he doesn’t follow the trends, he is happy to order a particular coloured denim or create a different style if the demand is there. I have all the classics, dark blue, black, burgundy high shorts, and have bought my boyfriend blue and black. Currently, they are selling a perfect pair of blue boyfriend jeans, and soon a range of corduroy jeans in some awesome colours will be released.

Dejour’s quality cannot be faulted. I have worn many a jean in my time, from Lee to Wrangler and Cheap Monday to Topshop – none beat Nam’s.The finishes are professional, the zip high quality (unlike the ridiculous Cheap Monday zips!), the colour never fades, and they are so damn comfy.

The quality and price of these jeans is making Dejour a Melbourne institution. Two years ago, I arrived to a store packed with jeans with Nam alone producing the jeans. Now, the store is always chocka block of people who have come to revel in this little gem on Sydney Road.

Run, don’t walk. I doubt Dejour will be a secret for long.


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