STYLECREEPER: Sports Luxe on a not-so-luxurious budget

Published on (18/06/13)

Confession #1:

 I am a shopaholic.

Confession #2:

I am quite broke (which severely hampers confession #1).

Confession #3:

Once I find a trend I like, I become obsessed (which severely hampers confession #2).

The latest trend to have attracted my attention is sports luxe – think gym wear gone a little bit fancy. Imagine sports jerseys, bomber jackets and sneakers; all mixed with tailored pants, blazers and sports-inspired heels. Sounds a tad too kooky? Just take a look at Isabel Marant or Rhi Rhi for inspiration.

I am in love. I can totally see myself walking around in oversized jerseys, tailored pants and my converse sneakers. But on a student/causal retail worker’s budget, it’s hard to keep up with the trends.

Despite this dilemma, I have become one hell of a bargain shopper to ensure I can still indulge my latest style cravings. Working in a shopping centre has given me a fantastic grasp on where to find on-trend pieces for less than one shift’s work. The beauty of these trend injections is that they can be cheap and it’s okay if they don’t last you a long time. Because seriously, come on, an oversized american style jersey will be cool for how long?

So where can you find sports luxe pieces on a student budget? Here’s where:

1: Glassons

For me, Glassons has hit the nail on the head this season. I could literally buy everything from their store. Their prices are very reasonable (think less than Sportsgirl, but more than Valleygirl), and their trend pieces are all very wearable. I love their basic jersey tops, particularly the slouchy grey and white striped one below. A note: their website is terrible and does not do the store justice. Check out the new Highpoint store. Trust me.


2: Topshop/Topma

When I really want something that you know will be bang on-trendthis season, I always head to Topshop. Disclaimer – I work there, but that was because I was such a fan girl I had to get a job there to save my limited funds. Topshop currently have a third of the store dedicated to sports luxe apparel with some great little pieces to add to your wardrobe. My insider’s tip – girls, make sure you head next door to Topman for your cute beanies, baggy boyfriend jumpers and varsity jackets.


3: Valleygirl

When I shop in Valleygirl I feel like a detective, sifting through each item to find that one special piece that hits the spot. Valleygirl, in my eyes, have upped their game. Maybe not quality wise, but definitely when it comes to the latest trends. I have picked up a few sports-inspired pieces from them this season and I don’t feel an ounce of guilt about buying any of them because they were so damn cheap. Since they don’t do online shopping they have no product pics online – all the more fun, go on your own treasure hunt.

4: DFO Sports Outlets

Nike is cool again and Adidas is back. We’re seeing our fashion magazines filled with vibrant t-shirts, windbreakers and kicks in a variety of tempting colours and patterns, but the trick to finding them without the high price tag is by hitting the DFO’s. Try University Hill in Bundoora for Melbourne’s largest Nike factory outlet. My theory is, because it’s far from the city it’s more likely that some cool stuff may still be hiding there. Want some inspiration – take a look.

Have fun shopping!

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