STYLECREEPER: Winter in Melbourne – Coats and Eskimos

Published on  (14/06/13)

Despite popular opinion, Melbourne doesn’t get that cold. Miserable, sure, windy, hell yes, but not cold like the rest of the world. You can safely travel around Melbourne without a beanie or jacket, even occasionally don your summer shorts when clubbing at night.

I travelled around the US and Europe during December and January last year, and I can safely say it was cold. Picture yourself standing outside a Slovenian restaurant on New Year’s Eve in minus two degrees, in opaque’s and a jumper. It hurt to breathe; my legs were so cold it felt like I was frozen on the spot. The locals laughed at my cold weather inexperience.

However, it was this holiday that sparked my love of coats. I bought one in Vegas and to save space in my little suitcase, wore it for 2 months straight. But everywhere I went, I had coat envy. Girls overseas can wear a coat, beanie, scarf, even ear-muffs! And they don’t look like Eskimos.

In Melbourne, it’s a different story. We have to layer to accommodate for the weather change (ever been in the CBD when the sun pokes out on a 17 degree day and you overheat?), and choose our pieces wisely so we don’t become burdened with too many items.

So how do we find the balance? Check out these girls for inspiration.

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