STYLECREEPER: Fashion Magazines

Published on (27/06/13)

Call me old fashioned, but I still love magazines. The internet is great for immediacy, for videos, for diversity, but sometimes looking for fashion inspiration on the web makes you feel like your drowning in an ocean (unless you’re on STYLECREEPER.COM of course!). The appeal of a fashion magazine is uncovered when you find one that speaks to you, suits your tastes, and provides you with inspiration you can use.

Having worked in a newsagent for more than 4 years, I know my fashion mags. I have flicked through hundreds of issues of national and international magazines, and have found a select few that I think are worth buying every month.


SHOP has a great balance of affordable fashion and what I call “dream” fashion. They are great at dissecting trends into easy to wear ways and incorporating both high end and lower price points in their styling. Everything in the magazine can be bought in Australia, either in a store or online – which is awesome since there are always a million things I want to invest in.


Who hasn’t had a bit of a giggle at the sealed section of Cosmo? It’s always an interesting and uh, informative read – but aside from that – they have a great fashion section. The clothes are generally affordable, with a few dreamy pieces, but their styling is always fun and achievable.


There are so many global fashion magazines to choose from in this section, but many fall into the trap of feeling a little cold. When you flick through the pages of Vogue, there is a certain clinical look to their editorials, and their photo shoots are styled with such opulent pieces you start focusing more on the crazy price tags than the actual photo (you learn quickly that if there is no price listed – don’t bother). This is all solved with ELLE UK. I am partial to British fashion – it’s fun, quirky, and not preoccupied with labels – and ELLE UK is a great representation of that. It mixes high street labels like H&M and Topshop with high end pieces from Burberry and Chanel. The editorials are always interesting and easy to read, and it will have you dreaming about visiting London as soon as you put it down.


I bought my first Company Magazine before boarding the Eurostar between London and Paris, because of its colourful cover and its feature on SuperBloggers – the girls who have become famous through their fashion blogs. As soon as I finished it, I was hooked. Company encapsulated the best of London street style, in all its Doc Martin, high street glory. If you’re a fan of all things British, you will LOVE this magazine. Unfortunately, after my extensive search all over Melbourne, they do not sell it anywhere! Not to fear, you can buy the magazine from the Newstand in the iTunes store!


OK, so $50 for a magazine is a little steep. But here is why; Vogue Collections = endless hours of fashion fun. Vogue Collections is your front row ticket to every fashion show from every major fashion week in the world. It shows Paris, Milan and New York, including a double page feature on every designers show, then a separate hundred pages on all the accessories that walked the runway too. This magazine is as heavy as a brick with over 300 pages worth of fashion. Another awesome feature is that each page has only has two paragraphs of writing on it. This means more beautiful clothes on display. The paragraphs (one in English and one in French) explain a little about the designer’s inspiration for the line. This magazine is for the girl who wants to know everything about the new season – who loves predicting the trends before the stores release their take on them.

Happy reading!

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