Published on (2/07/13)

Have you ever passed a faulty rack in a store, only to see great discounted pieces with little tears or missing buttons? Ever found a great pair of jeans, but hesitate to buy them because they are too long? Ever had a faulty zipper, a fallen hem, or anything else to make you think, “Damn, if I was a domestic goddess I could sew this right up?”

Basic sewing skills are quick, easy, and essential for every guy and gal to have up their sleeves.

Now I am no couture seamstress but I studied fashion in high school, so I picked up a few tricks of the trade along the way. But the most handy sewing skills are so easy to learn, and will save you plenty of $$$ in the long run.

If you are the learn-it-yourself type, the internet is your bible to gaining these skills quickly. Check out ThreadBanger‘s Youtube channel for endless DIY videos, from easy beginner stuff, to more complex projects that will put your skills to the test. For easy stitches when it comes to fixing tears as well as more advanced and exciting projects, Craftsy is your go-to website.

But for those who like to be schooled, those traditional folk like me, why not take classes? Thread Den in Melbourne call themselves a sewing lounge – you can socially sew, show off your creations, and take classes on just about any form of sewing. It’s really just a super cool place to hang out, share a love for fashion, and learn in a friendly and encouraging environment. They hold three, 3hr “Learn to Sew” classes that will get you from a sewing novice to a whiz with darts, castings and zippers.


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