Published on STYLECREEPER.com 16/07/13

Instagram is awesome for many things. It’s great for #fitspiration, #foodspiration, #fashspiration – everything stylish, delicious, and god damn cute. There really is something for everyone. I follow four different animals, each a necessary inclusion to my following list, with one being THE cutest pug named @shanluk2, who has 100,000 followers.

The premise of Instagram lends itself to fashion – the beautiful clothes and beautiful people being photographed and shared with the world. There are endless models, bloggers, designers, and brands who post their inspirations, OOTD, and generally awesome lives for the rest of us to envy. I love waking up and scrolling through pictures of others outfits, before choosing my own for the day.

Get your phones out people. Here are my favourite Instagram fashion Icons:


@manrepeller – blogger Leandra Medine, manrepeller.com WHY? Leandra is my best friend, she just doesn’t know it. She combines impeccable writing and amazing clothes with an unique sense of humour and fun that you rarely see in fashion.

@chiaraferragni – blogger, theblondesalad.com WHY? She is living my dream life. She is in a new place in the world every week (Louis Vuitton luggage in tow) – attending fashion shoots, shows and the most amazing parties. Her wardrobe is ace.


@rosiehw – actress Rosie Huntington-Whiteley WHY? Because she is HOT! And because she looks amazing in everything – even a Big Bird inspired fur coat.

@blaireadiebee – blogger Blair Eadie, atlantic-pacific.blogspot.com.au WHY? Her enviable accessories and her breezy style.






@sydneyfashionblogger – stylist/blogger Antoinette Marie WHY? She is homegrown and whatever she wears from the high street sells out in days.

@anna_dello_russo – editor of Vogue Japan WHY? She is the queen of quirk, her pictures are amazing and she owns more that 4000 pairs of shoes. JEALOUS!

@facehunter – street style photographer Yvan Rodic, facehunter.org WHY? Travelling the world snapping pics of stylish men and women? Sounds like the perfect job!

Oh, and me! @kiarapecenko – because everyone loves new followers!

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