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Here at STYLECREEPER we love finding amazing new talent. And Serene El-Kurd from apparel really is amazing new talent. The English-based designer combines her top-notch technique with a unique style to create beautifully crafted clothes for strong, confident women like herself. We had a chat with Serene to find out what inspires her, how she got to where she is, and where she sees apparel in the future.

1. What was your incentive to create your own brand?

Why not? It is the question I ask myself with everything I do. There is a possibility for everything in life and why not have women rock out your creations!

2. What are the influences and inspirations for the brand. Do they originate from a personal level/experience?

The brand draws inspiration from industrial, urban, constructive, mechanical vs natural elements/ environments. The brand apparel symbolically reads a connection between my mother and I.

3. What was your latest collection ‘harven and the final phase’ inspired by?

My topic of bone structure mixed with my growing inspiration of space, alien form, and Japan has informed the progression and growth of my first collection named ‘harven the Final Phase’. The colour palette of my collection is muted, with minimal accents of ice blue & silver seeping through within the structures of the garments. I love the idea of taking dull/raw/ dark colours and experiment with the idea of emotion depiction attached to a certain colour.

4. Where does all the creativity take place?

The creativity takes place in my living room, and wherever I am to be honest, you can find me drawing outside in the park to selecting fabric on a restaurant table to building mood boards in my bedroom!! My creativity takes place EVERYWHERE & ANYWHERE.

5. Tell me about the start-up journey?

I was watching fashion TV aged 7 and took my Barbies and decided I would give them makeovers – draw all over their faces and dip their hair in paint, and dress them up in outfits I had miraculously created from any source of textile available! Then I decided to apply for Issituto Marangoni – London, aged 12, might I add. Well long story short I have always loved fashion and finally graduated from a Fashion and Printed Textiles degree, and I’m continuing to do what I love!

6. What is your favourite part of the design process?

I love sourcing fabrics and working on my prints, as the prints are all hand printed through extensive layers of dyeing!

7. Where do you see your brand in 2 year’s time?

A. I would ideally like to see it worn by eccentric and bold women. Nothing says you got there more than when I see a really outrageous fashionista rocking out my apparel.

8. Who is the apparel woman?

A. The woman is independent, outrageous, rebellious, fearless, urban, feminine, strong, bold, and chic of course! My brand/ collection has no age limit, so long as you feel you are at one with it then the collection is right for you!


Published on (6/08/13)

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