STYLECREEPER: Pumped up kicks

I have always wanted to be one of those girls who can pull off wearing cool kicks. You know the girl, the ones in those dance movies, who can look a million bucks in loose fitting track pants, tight crops and awesome sneakers? You know if Macklemore writes a song about sneakers, they must be pretty fucking great.

This season, with all the Sporty Spice influence, I have watched people emerge from the house in gym clothes that look amazing – tight black leggings, loose jumpers, puffy jackets and coloured Nike runners. I have even encountered girls from work rocking boyfriend jeans and these runners – yes, even the jeans+runner=disaster rule has been thrown out the window!

I myself have always been a converse girl. They go with everything, they are comfy, and they are timeless. But lately I have been considering snapping up a pair of brightly coloured kicks, and maybe attempting a dance move or two.

Not convinced, heres some inspiration!

P.S. The heeled sneaker is dead, long live the platform!

Published on (19/07/13)


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