STYLECREEPER: How Two Live x Windsor Smith


Windsor Smith have been answering girl’s shoe-related prayers for years by selling fashion-forward, statement footwear that are super comfy and won’t fall apart after three wears. Now, if you thought they couldn’t get any cooler, Windsor Smith have collaborated with Melbourne bloggers/sisters How Two Live, to create a new range of shoes to brighten up your summer wardrobes.

The range pairs Windsor Smith heavy-soled shoes (you know, those crazy chunky shoes everyone is wearing that have become synonymous with the brand) with How Two Live’s brave and outrageous style. The girls have added sparkle, shine, fringing, sequins, colour and a lot of chunk – just check out the pictures.

Stef and Jess are fashion icons here in Melbourne and they always turn heads at fashion events – I once saw them at a fashion show for LMFF, and I think I stared at them more than I did the show! They are so bright and colourful, possessing the style that a lot of girls wish they had the guts to try, and their new range of shoes is a testament to that. In their words, “you could be wearing jeans and a t-shirt and the shoes would give you an edge”. THEIR edge.

The five styles will be available online and in selected stores soon. Keep your eyes peeled ladies. I know I will.


Published on 13/08/13

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