The Melbourne Spring Fashion Week has started with a bang! The weather gods, who usually use Melbourne as a guinea pig for season changing, looked down on its pale, frost-bitten residents with sunshine for the start of the MSFW. And it was marvellous.

If the first Designer Runway is anything to go by, this week’s festivities will be the best yet. The dresses that were showcased last night were beautiful, elegant, but strikingly modern – hello Melbourne!

Tomorrow’s runway is dedicated to the freshest designers on the block – current fashion students who channel their utmost skills and borderless creativity into showstopping pieces to carve their name into the industry. If you don’t have tickets already – BUY THEM NOW! And come say hi to me (the girl with the really curly hair!), and our photographer Matt.

Designers featured: Aurelio Costarella, Craig Braybrook, Dom Bagnato, Gwendolynne, Jasongrech, Jayson Brunsdon, Nicolangëla and Richard Nylon.


DSC_0705DSC_0722 2DSC_0730DSC_0731DSC_0753DSC_0789DSC_0794DSC_0798DSC_0802DSC_0805DSC_0822DSC_0830DSC_0838DSC_0851DSC_0852DSC_0881DSC_0887DSC_0893DSC_0909DSC_0930DSC_0955DSC_0962DSC_0966DSC_0969DSC_0972DSC_0976DSC_0989DSC_1003DSC_1017DSC_1053DSC_1063DSC_1070DSC_1074DSC_1086DSC_1116DSC_1140DSC_1150DSC_1152DSC_1187

Words | Kiara Pecenko

Photographer | Matthew Dunford


Published on 1/09/13

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