RMIT STUDENT RUNWAY – Sunday 1st September 6:30pm

Nothing is more exciting and awe inspiring than a fashion student runway. Imagine sitting a world class designer down, and handing them a blank canvas – a canvas where its popularity doesn’t depend on practicality or the wants and needs of a consumer. The RMIT student runway showed just this – fresh faces and garments that are so innovative, so unique, they express what fashion is truly about, art.

Every imaginable creative idea was covered in the show. Tyrone Susman featured metal skeletal detail, from exaggerated shoulder blades, to a flowing spine that ran down the model’s back. Cathy Lai’s laser cut-outs were mind-blowing in their intricacy. Chin Hau Tay showcased fur and tartan (yes, you heard it!) in a collection of crazy oversized jackets for men. Lucy Rosenberg combined pop colours, a sort of banana print, with headgear and rugby player-esque shapes. There was fringing made from fine chains, entire garments made from strings of wool, a whole collection from ripped silk (where the first model ripped apart her outer layer to revel a pant/top combo within), paint drops, grecian silhouettes, even LED lights hidden under garments. It was pure creativity at its best.

I was lucky enough to sit in the second row of the show, in clear view of all the students whose work was being showcased. As I watched, mouth agape at the clothes that walked past me, I would sneak a peek at the designer’s face. Their expressions added an extra special element to the show for me. This was their moment, their dreams coming to life as they watched their designs saunter down a runway, being praised and cheered by an audience, in a festival that was also showcasing some of the biggest national designers in the business. The pride and joy seen on their faces made me notice all the little details, all the blood and sweat and tears that had been put into sketching and re-sketching, sourcing, measuring, cutting, tacking, sewing, unpicking, re-sewing, hemming……. it makes me exhausted just thinking about it.

Enough talking, take a scroll through the pictures, because as they say, a picture tells a thousand words. A picture gallery then, probably tells a million.


Words | Kiara Pecenko

Photographer | Matthew Dunford


Published on 2/09/13

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