Hi, my name is Kiara and I’m addicted to shoes. It’s a serious addiction – I would probably buy shoes before food. Actually, I definitely have spent my lunch break buying shoes instead of eating.

So when I saw that Wittner Shoes had its own runway show at MSFW, there was no question of my attendance.

I was not disappointed! The brand’s new Spring/Summer range featured shoes that ranged from futuristic whites and metallics, to a safari feel, with buttery leathers and wooden accents.

PS: I actually got to talk to Mr Michael Wittner, the brand owner, who shared how the manufacturing of his shoes were all undertaken and supervised by them, to ensure only the finest materials and craftsmanship went into their shoes. I was a little star-struck, and I was immensely jealous of how many shoes his wife must own.

DSC05682DSC05683DSC05685DSC05695DSC05709DSC05714 copyDSC05716DSC05717DSC05738

The STYLECREEPER.COM Team also got to watch the Ben Sherman Runway show which is featured below:


Words + Wittner Photographer | Kiara Pecenko

Ben Sherman Photographer | Matthew Dunford

Published on 4/09/13

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