STYLECREEPER: What’s in a website?

I am a firm believer that a good website can make or break a purchase. If the website is bright, well organised, with big pictures of items styled awesomely on models, my credit card (yes, i blame it on the credit card) can’t help but buy something.

Some online shopping sites get this formula oh so right, meaning they are my go-to places for new awesome stuff. Then there are others I would avoid with a ten foot pole.


1. Nasty Gal 

Nasty Gal have got it spot on. The website is simple to navigate, clear, and lets their product speak for itself. Each item is styled on a model so you can see how it looks on, and what you could wear with it – which is helpful with some of their more crazy items. By clicking on the bottom right corner of each picture, the item pops up in quick view, where you can read the details and quickly pop it in your tote (not shopping bag/basket – tote!). Nasty Gal offer free shipping on orders over $150, and if you buddy up with a friend, you can each get $10 off your purchase!


ASOS love Australia, and Australia definitely loves ASOS. With free shipping on anything you buy (no minimum spend makes my bank balance happy!), ASOS becomes my go-to site to fill the missing holes in my wardrobe. Again, the website is clear and clean, each item is styled simply, but still stylishly, and very easy to fall in love with. Their sale is always awesome, and since it is updated so regularly, it is a great place to look for bargains.

3. Missguided AU

My pet hate is clothing brands releasing ads or promotional images that make you fall in love with something, but you can never find it in store/online! When Missguided release an ad on tv, you can click on their webpage and every single item can be found and bought before the ad finishes. The styling on the models is simple, with not many accessories, but each item stands out to the customer. The best part? The price! Everything is so cheap, especially the basics and simple dresses! With free shipping on all orders over $70 (which can get you a whole lot of items!) , you will want to bookmark this one.

4. Lucy in the Sky

The only way to shop Lucy in the Sky is by signing yourself up for their email notifications. Why? Because things sell out so goddam fast! Keep your eyes peeled on your inbox daily, as they release new items that you can snap up right then and there. Miss out on something you love? Click on “Request Restock” and if enough people love that item, they will re-release the line and send you an email as soon as it happens so you don’t miss out again! Lucy in the Sky is great for party dresses – they always have something awesome to wear to a wedding or soiree, but they also have casual wear, accessories and shoes that are bang on the money. Each item is shot on a model, and the large pics help even the most choosy dress wearer open their wallets.


1. Sportsgirl

Ahh! Sportsgirl’s website irritates me so much! Their picture gallery is so tiny – obviously made for an iPad rather than a laptop – that it is IMPOSSIBLE to see any detail in the clothing close up. You can’t tell an items fabric, fit, even sometimes what image it has on the front! To get any idea of what they have on offer, you have to click on every item and then enlarge it – but even after that, without a model wearing it, you don’t know how it fits until it comes in the mail. The only time I will think of buying anything off the website is if my local store has run out of my size, and I need to buy it online.  Pick up your game, Sportsgirl.

2. Glassons

Again, as much as I love the store, the website (despite being upgraded just recently), is still under par when it comes to showcasing the pieces. In store, each piece looks on-trend, and stands out with its own awesomeness – something that the website does not translate. The clothes look really bland because the styling is too simple. Each top is styled with black jeans, and each pair of jeans/shorts/overalls/hats styled with a plain white tee. It’s such a shame Glassons falls so short with their site – maybe they should take a leaf out of their store visual merchandisers’ books, and give us something a little more inspiring.

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