MSFW: Day 7


The Review runway had us dreaming of tea parties and those dainty little sandwiches, as flouncy, floral dresses walked down the catwalk. They were nothing but beautiful, perfect race day ensembles, complete with white lace gloves and crocheted umbrellas. A – line skirts were a popular choice, but there were some beautifully structured tight to the knee dresses in lace that would suit everyone’s taste. Bravo Review (*claps politely*).



The one thing that was certain at this runway – Levi’s had attitude. The brand took us into the Wild Wild West, complete with cowboy boots and hats. Levi’s have really rebranded themselves – once being the old daggy jeans my dad wears, to now having jeans, denim shirts and jackets that I would happily wear (maybe not all at once).


The 100% Melbourne based designer runway showcased what I call “the cool kids on the block” – those brands that only the coolest/most fashionable people would scoff at you if you didn’t know.

Gorman, notorious for its use of colour, gave us colour! There was acid wash jean shorts with pink and yellow specks, black silk dresses with multi-coloured, and animal prints made from green and pink.

I loved the collection from Alpha 60 – they were like wearable pyjama’s! – and the white hats from Above.Take a look for yourself!



Words | Kiara Pecenko

Photographer | Matthew Dunford


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