I like the Target Runways. Why? Because you can literally shop each piece as they walk down the catwalk. There is a Target around the corner from everyone, so if you fall in love with a piece, it could be yours in under five minutes flat.

And that piece for me was the denim pinafore. These versatile all-in-ones were popular overseas this summer, and I can see them becoming every girls go-to piece when the warmer weather comes. The one from Target is a soft denim, a great, goes-with-anything wash, and won’t cost you a week’s pay!


WOW. All I can say is they definitely left the best show until last. It is a testament to a designer when as soon as I see a piece, I Google them, shop their online store, and put an item in my online basket. That is what happened when We are Handsome walked down the catwalk. The prints on their swimwear! The roaring lion, the fairground, the fox! I’m in love! Oh my, summer can not come quick enough.

Other than the above, there were floaty dresses that would fit in by any 5 star hotel pool – or wedding! My life’s ambition is to be rich/famous enough to wear a ball gown and heels poolside – and not be a Beverly Hills housewife.


Words | Kiara Pecenko

Photographer | Matthew Dunford


Published on 8/09/13 on

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