Oh Birkenstock! and other ugly shoes that turned cool

birkenstock 1

I never thought this day would come. In my eyes, Birkenstocks were as fashion-backward as UGG’s outside the house. They were reserved for bad taste tourists in summer, and grandpa’s with their worn-out socks. Now, they have pride of place on NYFW runways, and (I cringe as I’m saying this) they actually look kind of cool. Don’t judge until you have seen the pictures!

Birkenstocks have been added to the growing list of ugly shoes that have become cool. You know the ones, shoes you have that you have to swear are cool to people that laugh at you, for either being too chunky, too bulky, made by Jeffrey Campbell, or that make you stomp rather than walk down the street. If your mother or your boyfriend have ever looked at you with eyes that scream WHAT WERE YOU THINKING when you showed them your latest shoes – you’re on the money. And the best part, we freaking love them because of it!

On purchasing my chunky leather Windsor Smith sandals last year, my boyfriend did a double take, raised his eyebrows and asked, “What the hell are you wearing on your feet?” Then, I wore them with socks, and he nearly had a heart attack.

I have a feeling Birkenstocks will have a similar effect. They will make the wearer so cool that they have to justify their coolness to those who gawk. If I buy a pair, I might have to keep this collage of pics of cool, fashion-forward girls wearing them, so I can say “SEE, its not just me. I swear they are cool now”.

Good luck ladies – oh and men too!

Publsihed on STYLECREEPER.com on 17/9/13

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