Kiara Pencenko is lost in dreams of fashion’s summery prints and shift dress bohemia at Melbourne Spring Fashion Week.

In Melbourne, it’s hard to get carried away dreaming about summer, because eventually a 15-degree day will appear out of nowhere and hit you in your umbrella-less face. At the MSFW Designer runways, where the biggest fashion brands around the country showcased what you will be dying to wear this summer, it was safe haven to dream.

And oh, did I dream!

Gorman hit the nail on the head with their print this season. Prints will be big, but sometimes they make you more like a walking optical illusion than on trend. My favourite look was the pant and bomber jacket combo, with black on white print, with the yellow top underneath – it’s very easy to wear as separates, and for the more brave, easy to wear it straight off the runway.

The stand out for me was the Carly Hunter face print shift dress. Worn on the runway with striped high-waisted pants, I can definitely see this baby in my wardrobe. It’s light, it’s white, and the old school print makes it perfect for a summer barbeque or to throw over swimmers at the beach.

Note: The Birkenstock sandal has been stomping its way down a few runways this spring, and is worn with the above shift dress. Birkenstock sandals are not cool, and should not be worn by anyone, anywhere, ever. We must be pro-active, and ban them now before they catch on!

For the safe and stylish of denim favourites, here is the trusted and trendy Levi’s staples.

Photos by Brandon Stanley. Check out the full gallery below and here.

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