I have a confession to make, it’s a little controversial, a little dangerous…….

Men’s clothes are cooler than women’s. That’s right, I said it. In each of the women’s shows, there is a base colour, black or white, and then slowly pops of colour come through – an orange shirt here, a yellow short there. In the first ever Mr MSFW, each designer scoffed at white, gave it the fashion forward finger, and instead opted for greens, peach, navy, camel…… sometimes in the same outfit.

So for all your males out there (or females who have fashion-challenged partners/brothers/fathers etc.) here are your tips for the season:

1.     Colour is cool. Never owned a green blazer – now is the time! Extra points for pairing them with a peach pant.

2.     Patterns a cool. Mix your polka dots with stripes with checks with block colours as per Ben Sherman

3.     Socks are not cool. I appointed myself sock monitor for this runway, and my official count was zero, even with suit shoes. Prepare yourself for smelly shoes

4.     Grandpa sandals are in alla Levi. I would happily allow you to ignore this tip.

5.      No race day outfit is complete without a pocket square. Channel Mr Gatsby, find a pocket square, or DIY one from old fabric, that clashes with your outfit just enough.

6.     Ukuleles get the girls



Honour Among Thieves



Ben Sherman

Jack London

Dom Bagnato


Sportscraft Runway Show:


Words | Kiara Pecenko

Photographer | Matthew Dunford


Published on on 7/07/13

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