How To Rock The New Midi Length


While we are used to seeing skirt trends creep higher and higher up models sky-high pins, there is a welcome break on the horizon. Enter the midi skirt.

The midi skirt will rule the fashion week circuit once again this year, donned by celebs and editors alike. The length and cut add a beautiful femininity to any outfit, and when clashed with masculine pieces, can create a really fun look.

Traditionally, the midi skirt sits mid-calf, half way between your knees and your ankles, but has wandered a little higher this season. The most flattering length for those not graced with runway model legs is a few inches below the knee and must always be paired with a heel. As the skirt’s length cuts the legs a little short, making sure your heels are either nude, or have an open front, will ensure your legs don’t look stumpy.

No matter what your style is, there is a way to incorporate the mid length skirt into any wardrobe.

Click through to Stylizen for the full article.

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