A Guy’s Guide To Chinos

Gone are the days when chino pants were reserved for the fashion forward, now donned by businessmen, teenagers and denim-worshippers alike. Why the sudden popularity? Because they are so damn comfy, and they go with pretty much anything.

The key to buying the perfect pair of chinos is by following the three C’s – cut, colour and cuff.

With the explosion of chinos on the market, it’s pretty easy to find a cut that’s right for you. Head towards the slim or skinny fits, opting for a cotton-elastane blend for a more fitted look.

Their popularity also means there are hundreds of colours available, but some colours will give you a lot more wear than others. Navy and tan are definitely the most versatile of the bunch, being the two key colours for winter. However, the guys who like to take it up a notch in the dressy stakes will also benefit from a black or grey pair, while burgundy and khaki are also great for everyday wear.

When it comes to choosing the type of pant cuff, it’s best to choose one that will be suitable for multiple occasions. An elasticated cuff is an on-trend feature, but are hard to dress up for a fancy night out. Opt instead for a rolled cuff that can be ironed flat for a dressier affair.

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Published 28/03/2014


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