How Low Can You Go? Get Into The Low Heel Trend

We used to think the kitten heel was reserved for nanna’s shopping in the orthopaedic section of the local pharmacy. They’re a sensible shoe, comfortable and just a little bit fancy – perfect for Sunday mass or dinner dances.

Lately, however, the kitten heel has had a bit of a coolness injection.

While a low heel on its own may scream “my first pair of big girl shoes”, when added to the right outfit, can be as chic as their teetering counterparts. You can opt for the on trend, pretty in pastel look, with a midi skirt cinched at the waist or classic black on black (on black again) for a after hours sex appeal.

And just like that, a pair of kitten heels has jumped to the top of our wish lists. They’re perfect (and you’re nanna will definitely approve!).



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Published on 21/03/2014

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