Plus-Sized Fashion From ASOS


If you didn’t know any better, you would think the average size of an Australian woman was size 6, not somewhere between a 14 and a size 16. Thanks to the thousands of marketing messages we receive every day about and the inconsistent size ranges across many fashion brands, it’s hard not to feel alone in the fashion world when you’re north of size 12.

The truth is, all women deserve to feel beautiful and look fashionable. And ASOS has heard you.

With over 15 brands catering to the plus-sized girls, ASOS has it covered. ASOS Curve is a range of clothing for women sized 18-28, that is just as fashion forward as the regular range. With flattering pants, fuzzy jackets, sexy evening dresses and accessories galore, there is no need to struggle to find clothes that fit, ever again.

We’ve put together a few outfits that will not only have you looking good, you will feel great wearing them too.

Click through to Stylizen for full post.
Published on 18/03/20144


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