Seriously Cool Kicks For The Guys


On mentioning Globe footwear in the Stylizen office, all agreed their thoughts turned to the 80’s teen skater – boards in hand, unwashed hair, and chunky Globe shoes. They were the kings of the skating boom, selling not only functional and cool street wear, but a care-free, rebellious lifestyle.

Fast forward to 2014 and Globe is leading streetwear trends again.

The same crew of ultra cool skaters, surfers and snowboarders that headed the business back in the 80′s are still at the helm today, now fronting the counter-cultural brand with their passions for board sports, street wear, media and film. Design collaborations with pro-surfers Taj Burrow and Dion Agius, and pro-skater Ryan Decenzo, give this brand serious street cred.

The brands effortlessly cool image remains the same, as does the shoes durability and comfort factor. While being 21st century, the shoes still have a little nod to their ancestors – with the addition of a little bit of chunkiness, or the trademark thick soles.

Globe’s Autumn/Winter ’14 footwear is fresh and versatile, and not exclusively for those who can hang ten, or skate down a half pipe. The earthy tones ensure any pair will look great under jeans or chinos, and the classic cuts mean they will serve as a staple in your wardrobe.

Here’s our selection from three of their six footwear ranges. We’re loving the leather and suede finishes, giving the shoes a laid-back luxe feel.



From left: TB in Burgandy, $99.99; Lyte in Black Mesh, $99.99; Motley in Black Tweed, $79.99.

Pro Model


From left: The Sabbath in Oak Red, $149.99; Mahalo Mid in Camo, $109.99; The Taurus in Black/Leopard, $109.99.



From Left:
Los Angered in Brown FG, $149.99; Quantam Mid in Olive, $119.99; Crusade in Vintage Black, $139.99.

Published on Stylizen on 6/03/2014


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