BB, CC and DD Creams – Decoded!


Alphabet creams are the latest craze to hit the beauty departments. They are smart, multi-tasking, and… a little baffling to those who haven’t done their research. So next time you wander down a cosmetics aisle, make sure you consult our easy-to-undertand guide to choosing which letter of the alphabet will suit your skin.


What doess BB stand for?
Beauty Balm

What does it do?
BB cream is the superhero of all tinted moisturisers, the ultimate all-in-one, fuss-proof beauty product. It simultaneously replaces your primer, concealer, moisturiser, illuminator, foundation, powder and sunscreen. This multitasking miracle worker will control oily skin, blurs lines and wrinkles, hydrates, brightens and firms your skin with just a thin application daily.

Who should use it?
BB Cream is the gift of time for anyone who rushes around the house every morning. Perfect for those who need to apply make-up on the go, or for young girls who don’t want to commit to heavier foundation yet.

Our pick of the bunch?
Kiehl’s BB Cream formula is a winner because it is both fragrance and paraben free, and has a high SPF.




What does CC stand for?
Colour Corrector

What does it do?
CC Cream acts as a paint box for your skin, correcting any sun spots, dullness, acne scars and red marks. The cream replaces the red, green and yellow creams that make-up artists use and simplifies the process of getting an even, radiant complexion.

Who should use it?
Those who suffer from pigmentation, redness, or broken capillaries will love the cover CC Creams provide, as well as the moisturising benefits most concealers don’t have.

Our pick of the bunch?
Bobbi Brown’s CC Cream with SPF 30+ is unbelievably light, but works miracles against any skin discolouring.




What does DD stand for?
Dynamic Do-All or Daily Detox

What does it do?
The newest of the alphabet creams, the dynamic do-all is just starting to hit our shores. As the name suggests, it contains all the good stuff from the BB and CC creams, but with one extra magic benefit – its anti-aging properties. Watch this space!

Who should use it?
Anyone who can see the crows feet creeping out, or just want to ensure their skin is youthful for many years to come!

Our pick of the bunch?
Models Prefer DD Fresh Face Daily Detox is perfect for those days where you just need a little make-up to get you on your way. Feather-light and fool-proof to apply, it will last all day and keep your skin dewy and fresh.

Post Published on Stylizen on 8/04/2014



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