Menswear Staple | The Navy Blazer

By now we should all aware that men are completely different shoppers to women. They buy what they need, usually once a year, in one single hit.

Here at Stylizen, we’ve all had our fair share of working in retail, so we like to consider ourselves retail experts. Our research shows, men love a woman’s opinion, and are happy to spend an hour playing dress-up, testing out different looks. But we must say, we’re a little jealous, menswear is dead easy to nail! It revolves around a few classic pieces, which when invested in properly, can last a lifetime.

The navy blazer is one of those pieces. Like a sharp suit and crisp white shirt, a navy blazer is a timeless piece that will only need replacing if one does too many bicep exercises (or has too much cake).

A navy blazer will be your new best friend – the solution to some of the most difficult wardrobe conundrums. Like, what do you wear to a cocktail party, or an event that is too fancy for jeans and a shirt, but not fancy enough for a suit. Or perhaps, how do you hide the tomato sauce stains on the middle of your baby blue shirt…

So fellas, the ladies are calling for the navy blazer! Dress up a smart pair of jeans instantly by throwing one of these babies across your shoulders. And trust us, you’re the lucky ones, while we’ve got endless options, you’ve got a perfect staple (and you wonder why we take so long to get ready!).  


The traditional blazer is perfect for that almost fancy event, where your partner is dolled up to the nines and you just need that little something extra. The key to a killer blazer is all about the fit and finish. Opt for a beautifully cut blazer that is not too snug around your shoulders, that has a little bit of flair.

Menswear Staple: The Blazer - Paul Costelloe, Balmain, Joe Black

Paul Costelloe Notch Patch Blazer, $399, available at David Jones
Balmain Contrast Blazer, $3567.66, available at Farfetch
Joe Black Riviera Evening Suit Separate Jacket, $545, available at David Jones


Take a little stroll away from tradition with these statement-making navy blazers. Whether you’re feeling a velvet touch, a funky texture or a splash of tartan, you will definitely ooze style. Make sure you tone your loud jacket down with a pair of black jeans or chinos and a white shirt – just let the jacket do all the talking!

Menswear Staple: The Blazer  - Alexander McQueen, Tom Ford, Brioni

Alexander McQueen Tartan Blazer, $2049.26, available at Farfetch
Tom Ford Patterned Blazer, $4504.36, available at Farfetch
Brioni Checked Blazer, $3323.15, available at Farfetch

Header Image via Farfetch Style Advice
This article was originally published on Stylizen.



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