STYLECREEPER: Summer Dreaming

Published on 12/07/13

The best and worst thing about reading international fashion mags at this time of year is the summer envy. Pouring over page after page of to die for bikinis, mini skirts, breezy dresses, is all fun and games , but when you’re doing it sitting in a onesie and Ugg boots to save your self from hyperthermia – it can be a little depressing. I had to de-ice my windscreen this morning. Believe me, my mind was nowhere near which beach wear I should start purchasing.

But the sun is slowly (if you’re in Melbourne, VERY SLOWLY) poking its way through the misery, and summer is just 141 long, dreary days away. So take a break from those grey skies and herbal teas, and have a look forward to all the pieces you could be frolicking in the sunshine in! Think stripes, lots of white, pops of colour, graphics, and jumpsuits galore.

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